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We are constantly looking for writers and contributors to help us create great content for our blog visitors. If you can curate content that you and our visitors would love to read and share, this place is for you.

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We would love you to write about any internet marketing, design or branding topic.


  • Our audience consists mostly of business owners and marketing managers, so the content HAS TO provide helpful, practical tips, tricks, advice, etc. It can't be definition-like content;
  • Content has to be original and not published elsewhere;
  • 1000+ words article;
  • If you use images, they need to be at least 870px wide;
  • We don't have an issue with links to 3rd party websites, including yours, but all links within the article must sound natural, including anchor texts.
  • And, most importantly, we reserve the right to request edits to or decline the content.

Format & Style

  • 1000+ words (excluding chunky quotes IF they are needed)
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs
  • avoid academic jargon where possible (or explain it)
  • link to article URLs in your text – this helps to build community and also drives readers to the blog using Google’s search engine optimization tools
  • Must have a title and sub-titles if appropriate – try to keep these simple
  • Don’t include a reference list (but you provide a ‘further reading’ list if you can’t link to online resources in your text)
  • We allow dofollow links in your post, but no anchor text that offers direct competition with our services.

If you are ok with the requirements, you can go ahead, write and send the finished article whenever it's ready (preferably as a link to google doc), to blog@regexseo.com